Learn Fast.
Swim Faster.

Dual Boards optimize your swimmers’ body
positions, perfect kick and breath technique,
and boost swimmers’ confidence.

Dual Boards are the ultimate training tool! Freestylers and backstrokers benefit from improved rotation, while butterfliers and breaststrokers perfect their kick with proper body alignment. Enhance your swim technique with better alignment, timing, and kicks using Dual Boards by Rip Current Sports®

Meet Dual

Dual Boards are compact and significantly smaller than the standard kickboards found at your local YMCA or summer pool. Crafted from sturdy, buoyant, and lightweight yet durable foam, they are designed to fit easily into your gym or swim bag. Each board boasts hydrodynamic properties that ensure smooth movement through the water, even when oriented in opposite directions.

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What Makes Dual Boards the Best

Kickboard for Swimming

Easy to Use Design

• Place your hand flat on the board under the tubing
• Adjust the tubes so they are snug
• You are ready to float, kick, balance and breathe in a position you like most.

Good for All Levels

Beginners keep their heads above water!
Intermediates get optimally aligned.
Advanced swimmers kick like professionals.
Coaches experience more satisfactory body positions.

Other Benefits

• Stay safe!
• Grow your aquatic ability!
• Recover from injury.
• Perfect your talent.
• Master your technique.


What our users have to say about Dual Boards

  • "Our daughter took a few semesters of swimming classes but never quite learned how to swim. After training with Rip Current Sports' Dual Boards for one hour, she got it. She is now swimming with proper technique and feels confident. My husband and I couldn't believe our eyes. We are very grateful! Only an experienced swimming coach like Mr. Gallagher could have developed this equipment. Anyone can learn how to swim with Dual Boards!"
    Mother of 10 year old girl
  • The first thing that struck me about the Rip Current Boards was that they are much more versatile than regular boards, and more versatile than alignment boards. Being able to separate the hands allows us to be able to talk about the timing about when the breath happens during butterfly and breaststroke. [Dual Boards] really puts more opportunity for the swimmers to have some diversity in their kicking program
    Rob Fox
  • These boards are really great. My six year old worked with them for a half hr following the simple instructions and went from never trying the butterfly to doing a lap of the pool with a full butterfly stroke. He also had a lot of fun working on his back float with them and playing with them as he experimented with balancing his body. Pictured below. I’m not the best swimmer, but I really like how I can isolate my upper body in specific formations and focus on different kicks. Really cool tool and gift for any swimmer.
    Julia Malloy
  • Amazing product to assist a swim learner young and old. I say that because Jose used the dual boards to teach my son and husband to swim last summer. You can see immediate improvement after every session. I highly recommend giving this product a try! 
    Esther Chi

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