Become the
Swimmer You
Were Born to Be

At Rip Current Sports, our mission is to empower individuals of all ages, abilities, and body types to develop proper techniques to become better swimmers, and ultimately; benefit from an aquatic activity that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Dual Boards Are Built to Perform

Learn to Swim with Ease

Whether you’re a competitive, therapeutic or recreational swimmer, Dual Boards were specifically designed to give you instant success in the water.


Dual Boards are a pair of buoyant boards, about the size of a closed adult baseball glove and made out of sturdy foam. The board is a solid rounded rectangular shape and has a recessed area where your thumb and index finger rest. Each hand is secured to the board by three tube fasteners. Tubing is secured to Dual Boards by rivets.

What Our Swimmers Say

  • “After swimming at the Cincinnati Para-Swimming Open, Jose decided to introduce me to strokes other than freestyle using his dual board method. The dual boards were great for me. Soon I was competing in events not only in freestyle but also butterfly, which quickly became my best stroke. Jose’s dual board method also helped me advance to start swimming the 200 IM and the 200 Fly. I’m happy to recommend Rip Current Sports Dual Boards to swimmers at any level.”

Easy to Use

Simply place your hand flat on the board under the tubing, adjust the tubes so they are snug and you are ready to float, kick, balance and breathe in a position you like most.

Dual Boards are:
• Light but sturdy and surf the water with equal buoyancy
• Portable and fit in a regular gym or swim bag

Benefits of Dual Boards for Swim Training

Whether you have a child who fears putting their eyes, nose and ears under water; a teenager who is trying to make the High School Swim Team; or you yourself are trying to swim at a higher level; Dual Boards will keep your beginner head above water; will get intermediates optimally aligned; and advanced swimmers will kick like Olympians!

Why Invest in a Swim Aid?

Investing in a high-quality, durable training tool is one of the most helpful steps you can take when trying to challenge or grow your aquatic ability. Whether you are a novice swimmer, an instructor, recovering from injury, or training to perfect your talent, using Dual Boards will help you improve your skills, master your technique and keep you safe.