Dual Boards – Adult


Dual Boards are a pair of buoyant boards, about the size of a closed adult baseball glove and made out of a sturdy foam. The board is a solid rounded rectangular shape and has a recessed area where your hand can rest. Each hand is secured to the board by three tube fasteners.

Whether you’re a competitive, therapeutic or recreational swimmer, Dual Boards were specifically designed to give you instant success in the water. Simply place your hand flat on the board under the tubing, adjust the tubes so they are snug and you are ready to float, kick, balance and breathe in a position you like most.

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Dual Boards Description

  • 7”w x 12”L x 1.25”thick
  • Kickboard for adults
  • Pair of sturdy buoyant foam boards
  • Portable, size of a closed, adult baseball glove
  • Recessed, comfortable hand rests
  • Hands secured by rubber tubing
  • Tubing tied and capped to decrease drag, and increase swimmers “overall kick feel”

Maximum Balance and Buoyancy

  • Provide full-body buoyancy to advanced Freestyle and Backstroke swimmers
  • Lead hand fastened to the board establishes optimal position
  • Trailing hand presses down on the board to raise hips and thighs to surf the water while kicking
  • Buoyant kicking trains body to establish maximum balance and buoyancy once Dual Boards are removed

Additional information

Weight0.625 lbs
Dimensions12 × 7 × 1.25 in


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