About RCS

As a swim instructor and former NCAA swimmer, José-Luis Gallagher is coach to swimmers of all ages and abilities, including Para swimmers. Recognizing the need for products to help develop buoyancy, body position and kick, he created Dual Kickboards. Training with these boards has helped beginners and Para swimmers surf the water, and intermediate and advanced swimmers improve their body position and beat their goal times.

Our mission at Rip Current Sports is to empower individuals of all ages, abilities and body types to develop proper techniques to enjoy the enduring benefits of swimming-- a fundamental life skill!

Built to perform

Bilateral Kick Boards (BKBs) are significantly smaller than a regular kickboard that you'd find at your local YMCA or summer pool. They are made from a sturdy, buoyant, light but durable foam and are small enough to fit in your gym/swim bag. Each board is designed to move through the water with similar hydrodynamics even when they are aimed in opposite directions.