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A 16-year-old swimmer using Rip Current Sports' Dual Boards in backstroke.

Mohamedali, a 16-year-old swimmer using Rip Current Sports’ Dual Boards in backstroke.

At just 16 years old, Mohamedali is already making waves in the world of swimming. Hailing from Kenya, he’s been passionate about the sport since the tender age of six. Now, with dreams of making it big on the international stage, Mohamedali is proving that age is just a number when it comes to chasing your goals.

From the crystal clear waters of Kenya’s coastline to the competitive pools of regional meets, Mohamedali has dedicated himself to perfecting his his skills. But it’s not just his dedication and talent that set him apart—it’s also his innovative approach to training.

Using Rip Current Sports’ Dual Boards, Mohamedali has found a way to swim faster and more efficiently than ever before. This cutting-edge training tool has become an essential part of his regimen, helping him to improve his technique and shave precious seconds off his time.

But Mohamadali’s journey is just beginning. With his sights set on the highest levels of competition, he’s ready to push himself to new heights and inspire others along the way.

And now, you can join him on his journey by watching the first video of our new series on YouTube and Vimeo. Get an inside look at Mohamedali’s training routine with Dual Boards, hear his story firsthand, and see the passion that drives him to succeed.

Don’t miss out—watch the first episode now on YouTube and Vimeo!

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The journey towards this competition was the realization of a lifelong aspiration. For Rip Current Sports’ talented brand ambassador, Sarah “Mergoddess” Bofinger, the road to Santiago was paved with determination, passion, and a commitment to achieving a childhood dream. She’s a devoted aunt, vegan, proud Marylander, avid dancer, and now she’s a Bronze medalist for the Paralympics Parapan American (ParaPan-Am) Games!


Innovative Training Methods: Mastering Technique with Dual Boards

Dual Boards were a game-changer in her swimming regimen, a pivotal training tool that elevated her training. Utilizing the best kickboards for swimming, she immersed herself in dynamic drills using Dual Boards, refining her technique to shine in the competition.

Mergoddess hit a rough patch in swimming with previous frequent disqualifications, making her question if she should continue. But when she found Dual Boards, everything changed. The new swim training boards changed her routine, reigniting her love for swimming and boosting her confidence. 

With the buoyant boards on hand, she navigated the H and M position to improve her breaststroke kick. As she advanced, her go-to routine included the 1-board isolation drill. 

Learn more about those positions

  • In the H Position, Dual Boards can be used flat or angled. Applying pressure helps swimmers find balance, leading to a streamlined posture for powerful, downhill-like kicks.
  • In the M Position, Dual Boards enable swimmers to observe and understand their kick by watching their legs. They can analyze knee proximity, ankle flexion, and angle.


Mind Over Matter: Mental Preparation for Peak Performance

Success in high-stakes competitions goes beyond physical abilities—it also requires mental strength. Leading up to the event, she dedicated 20 minutes daily to focused breathing, developing a mindset of resilience, focus, and determination. That allowed her mind to be competition ready.


Triumph in Santiago: Winning Bronze and Setting Records

Despite the tough competition, Mergoddess succeeded, securing that bronze with an awesome season-best time of 1:38.74 – a testament to her physical and mental preparation. She also credits her success to her plant-based diet.


Championing Team Success: Supporting Fellow Athletes

Beyond personal achievement, she exemplifies the spirit of teamwork and camaraderie, offering support to her teammates, fostering an environment of collaboration, and contributing to collective success in the pool.

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Honoring Fred Evans

As February marks Black History Month, it is important to recognize and honor the contributions
of Black athletes who have made a significant difference in sports. In the world of swimming,
Fred Evans stands out as a trailblazer whose achievements continue to inspire generations of

Born and raised in Washington D.C., Evans began his swimming journey in a sport dominated
by white athletes. Despite facing discrimination and obstacles along the way, Evans’ passion for
swimming drove him to achieve remarkable success both in and out of the pool.


Breaking Records and Barriers

Evans’ groundbreaking achievements started during his collegiate years at Chicago State
University. There, he made history as the first Black person to win a collegiate swimming
championship. His victory in the 100-yard breaststroke at the 1975 NAIA Swimming
Championships marked a significant milestone, not only for Evans, but for all Black competitive

Throughout his collegiate career, Evans continued to shatter barriers, scoring three consecutive
NCAA Division II National Championships. He set records in both 1975 and 1977 in the
100-yard breaststroke. His dominance in the pool showcased his exceptional talent and his
steady determination to succeed in a sport where diversity was scarce.

Beyond his achievements as an athlete, Evans dedicated years of his life to coaching and
nurturing young swimmers. His commitment to mentoring the next generation of athletes
highlights his belief in the transformative power of swimming to instill discipline, resilience, and


Coaching and Mentorship

In addition to coaching, Evans played a pivotal role in advancing diversity and inclusion within
the swimming community. As an advisor to USA Swimming’s Make a Splash initiative and the
International Swimming Hall of Fame’s African American Outreach Swim Program, he
advocated tirelessly for greater representation and opportunities for minority swimmers.

Fred Evans’ impact is deeply personal for many who had the privilege of knowing him outside of
competitive swimming. Our CEO, Jose Gallagher, met Evans during his freshman year of high
school in 1990. Fred led the swim team to three top finishes at the Chicago Public League
Championships. Evans’ generosity and kindness left a lasting impression on those he

During their time at Whitney Young High School, Evans inspired his students to excel and
exceed expectations. He connected Jose with notables in swimming like Olympian William
Danforth (Bill) Mulliken. Thanks to Evans and Mulliken, Jose attended the 1991 Stanford
University Summer Swim Camp, a transforming experience that would launch his swimming


Evans’ Influence

Evans’ commitment to fostering a sense of community extended beyond the pool deck. He took
his students to the Black History Month swim meet in Washington DC. There, Jose and his
teammates met greats like Sabir Mohammed, Atiba Wade, and Joe Hudepohl. He shared
insight of his upbringing and personal achievements. Evans was present at significant
milestones, such as attending Jose’s senior year graduation party. This speaks volumes about
his character and dedication to those he cared about.

As Jose started swimming at the University of Minnesota, Evans was there for support. His
readiness to lend an ear during tough moments shows how much he impacted those he

Evans’ legacy extends through his children, Olympian Aja Evans and NFL athlete Frederick H.
Evans, both ran around pool decks as children and then competing around the country and the

In recognition of Fred Evans’ lifelong dedication to swimming and advocacy, Rip Current Sports
proudly honors him during Black History Month. Let us celebrate his achievements, honor his
legacy, and continue to support diversity and inclusion in swimming. In doing so, we honor not
only Fred Evans but also the countless unsung heroes who have paved the way for a more
equitable and inclusive future in athletics.

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Before Sarah Bofinger, also known as Mergoddess, took her first steps, she was already making waves. Mergoddess, a devoted aunt, proud Maryland Terrapin, and passionate dancer, has now earned her place as a qualifier for the Paralympics Parapan American (ParaPan-Am) Games.

This venture is far from ordinary. It all began with a dream—a dream that would ultimately evolve into a hard-earned reality.


First Step: Meet Qualifying Times

Achieving a qualifying time was no easy task for Sarah. She has undergone seven surgeries due to congenital hip dysplasia. Determined, she opted to use the best kickboard for swimming, Rip Current Sports Dual Boards.


Dedicated Training

Sarah, a committed athlete, set her sights on becoming a champion breaststroker. Drilling with Dual Boards in her staple regimen, she became a faster, smoother, and more efficient swimmer, shaving precious seconds off her breaststroke. The result? Mergoddess became an eligible contender for the ParaPan-Am Games!

Mergoddess’ mobility, nurtured through her training with Dual Boards, isn’t limited to the swimming pool; it extends gracefully to the dance floor. Her movements are now fluid and her steps assertive, thanks to improved core strength, balance, and body control.


Unwavering Self-Confidence: A Catalyst for Success

Critical to her journey is Sarah’s unwavering belief that, through systematic, disciplined training, she can qualify for any national or international swimming competition. For the ParaPan-Am Games, coaching has focused on drills with the M-formation, a strategy that strengthens the breaststroke kick.  

See how to perfect your M-formation here!


The Reward: Mergoddess off to Santiago, Chile

The reward arrived on September 25, 2023, as Sarah’s hard work was validated. Beginning November 17, 2023, Mergoddess will compete in Santiago, Chile, SA, marking a significant milestone in her journey. As she also fulfills her dream of traveling abroad to South America, she will undoubtedly inspire others to embark on their own travel adventures.


The Journey Continues  

Regardless of the outcome, Mergoddess will be fully equipped with the improved skills and confidence cultivated through Dual Boards and Rip Current Sports IHM Swim Training Model. Her journey is a testament to the incredible transformation that dedication and the right swim products can provide.