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Sarah Bofinger took the best kickboards to Hawaii this week and discovered what Dual Boards are like in the ocean! Sarah spent seven days with the Kona Dolphins age group team, learning new swimming techniques from Karyln Pipes. She said Dual Boards supported her transition from the pool to the ocean in the long term. She did a one-mile open swim with these buoyant boards and came in second in her age group, 10th in females, and 33rd overall out of 330 participants. She had lots of fun and learned new ways to be a mermaid!

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Dual Boards are still the best kickboard for swimming and are a significant part of my workout. Since COVID hit, I’ve been in the pool less, but at least I have my Dual Boards. They have allowed me to continue my swim training without a coach. After using Dual Boards for over a year and a half, I can confidently say my form has improved with these buoyant boards!

Of course, I’m a little biased about Dual Boards, for it’s not just swimming Rip Current Sports has helped me with. In September 2022, I started an internship with RCS, and now I am not just an enthusiastic Dual Boards user but also RCS Operations Manager Julia Whittle.

Marketing, administration, beta testing, blogging – you name it. I do everything needed to help Jose Gallagher make Dual Boards the success they deserve to be. Jose Gallagher is not just my employer and boss but my mentor. Jose has helped me manage my demanding position as Operations Manager despite my disability. Working at RCS has allowed me to maintain my swimming while working part-time. It’s been a great experience!

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Having progressed as a swimmer from being DQ’d to break American records, Sarah Bofinger impresses everyone who hears about her. Despite her seven surgeries, Sarah continues to improve her swimming with the help of Dual Boards, the best kickboard. She says these swim boards help support body position and overall stroke timing. Dual Boards have also helped Sarah dramatically improve her kick. She’s been using Dual Boards six days a week since 2021 and finds it is the best swimming training board. Now a four-time American record holder, Sarah competed at a major meet at the University of Minnesota with fellow athlete and RCS Brand Ambassador Abby Kershaw last month. Sarah qualified to be eligible for the 2023 Santiago Para Pan American Games selection. Good luck, Sarah!

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Sarah “Mergoddess” Bofinger, who recently competed in the Carol Chidester Memorial Swim Series Meet No.6 at the Arundel Training Center in Annapolis, says it was good preparation for the upcoming competition she’ll participate in next month.

“It was a great event and I’d like to thank everyone who complimented me on how good my breaststroke is looking these days. My hope is that the swim prepared me for the Long Course Meter 100 next month in Indiana,” says Sarah Bofinger.

Sarah credits her success to training with Dual Boards.

“Prior to the swim meet, Coach Jose helped me set new goals which included increasing my Dual Board drilling yardage throughout the training week.”

Sarah says Dual Boards helped her execute better buoyancy in her daily practice, enabling her to float better during the meet. In fact, she swam her first 200 BR of 2:58:91, an achievement Coach Jose calls a “solid” swim!