Product Overview

How Dual Boards Differ from Other Swim Products

Dual Boards are significantly smaller than a regular kickboard that you'd find at your local YMCA or summer pool. They are made from a sturdy, buoyant, light but durable foam and are small enough to fit in your gym/swim bag. Each board is designed to move through the water with similar hydrodynamics even when they are aimed in opposite directions.

Specifications and Highlights

Dual Boards Description

  • 7”w x 12”L x 1.25”thick
  • Pair of sturdy buoyant foam boards
  • Portable, size of a closed, adult baseball glove
  • Recessed, comfortable hand rests
  • Hands secured by three tube fasteners
  • Tubing is secured to Dual Boards by rivets to decrease drag, and increase swimmers “overall kick feel”

Kick with Ease

  • Allows beginners to extend arms comfortably to attain buoyancy
  • Beginners keep hands in a fixed position, flat on the boards
  • Allows beginners to surf the water while kicking gradually propels body forward

Maximum Balance and Buoyancy 

  • Provide full-body buoyancy to advanced Freestyle and Backstroke swimmers
  • Lead hand fastened to the board establishes optimal position
  • Trailing hand presses down on the board to raise hips and thighs to surf the water while kicking
  • Buoyant kicking trains body to establish maximum balance and buoyancy once Dual Boards are removed

Safe and Convenient 

Dual Boards have a recess where the hand comfortably rests; the thumb lying slightly lower than the pinky to accommodate the thumb pad of the hand. Each hand is secured to the board by three tube fasteners. Unlike most tubing configurations on the market where tubing ends are left exposed in the water, tubes can be hidden in the body of the board to allow for more hydrodynamics. 

Care Instructions

  • Rinse in cool, non-chlorinated water after each use.
  • Leave to air dry.
  • Please avoid leaving in direct sunlight for extended periods, as it may damage the material.
  • Should you use Dual Boards in salt water, the salt water will likely cause tubing discoloration and salt water damage to both the tubing and the Dual Boards, even if you rinse the Dual Boards, in cool, non-chlorinated water, after every use.